Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Spirits ...

and the title of this entry reminded me of the song "Kindred Spirits" from Anne of Green Gables, the Musical! [Yes, I'm a freak. I'm OK with that.]

So, I've been singing "Christmas Spirits" to that tune the way I remember "Anne" singing it when my junior high school produced the musical ... with a heavily accented final syllable - Christ-mas Spi-RUTS! Christ-mas Spi-RUTS!

Even though some people, don't particularly care for the holidays (and you know who you are), I love them ... not as much as I love my FAVORITE holiday [St. Patrick's Day], though.

I love all the candy and cakes and pies ...
And getting Xmas cards ...
And singing carols (badly) ...
And listening to Neil Diamond sing Xmas songs ...
And drinking. Lots. Lots and lots of drinking.

Which brings us to the point of this post:

Egg nog? Rum or bourbon.


  1. In general, I am not a rum fan, but nothing else works quite as well for egg nog. Although, you did forget the brandy option. This would be a closer second for me than bourbon.

  2. I like my bourbon, but I'm with gayprof: definitely rum for eggnog.

  3. All it takes is a grinch or two to spoil the holidays for everyone.

    I'm not picky, bourbon or rum. Just make sure there is booze in that nog so I can tolerate all the folks filled with the holiday spirit.

    Must go, just thinking of happy people enjoying the holidays is making me a wee bit nauseous.

  4. I say rum. Because it's made with REAL PIRATES.

  5. i don't "get" the links to some people or care for the holidays. what is up with that?

    i suggest you use both rum and bourbon in your eggnog. you will be pleasantly surprised. i'm certain of it.

  6. rum is traditional. bourbon was not what bob cratchet put in his egg nog (though he made gin punch, but let's not go there). besides, bourbon is hideous and should be only drunk by satan (if you believe in him) and the pope.

  7. diablo: the links are 1) Brad from Southern Expressions, who apparently HATES CHRISTMAS AND BABY JEEBUS; 2) Phoebe Cates, who played Kate in that blockbuster film, Gremlins; 3) scroll down to read why Kate hates Christmas; and 4) it's pictures of the Grinch, y'know, the Dr. Seuss character that hated Xmas and Baby Jeebus, too?

    dykewife: Bourbon should also be drunk by Vicious Unrepentant Bitter Old Queens!

  8. I don't like egg nog. But I like booze.

  9. Jeebus? is that the one you take from mikes place to georgetown?