Monday, December 04, 2006

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

Sleeping single in a double bed
Thinking over things I wish I'd said
I should have held you but I let you go
Now I'm the one sleeping all alo-oh-one

Two of the things I learned this weekend:

1. I have trouble approaching men.

I have trouble approaching men even when intoxicated. I have trouble approaching men even when intoxicated and even when they are giving me "the eye." I. Am shy. Really.

2. I sleep better with someone than alone.

This has not always been the case. When I first started ... um ... not sleeping alone, I was constantly aware of the other person's presence. Every time he would turn or move or snort or whatever, I would wake up. I spent a lot of mornings being crabby. Crabbier than usual, that is.

Now, it seems I'm constantly aware that there is no one sleeping beside me. And it's lonely. I suppose I will eventually adjust.

Or, as Robert suggested, I need to come up with a new product in the MGBF* line: My Gay Best Friend Man-sized Hot Water Bottle.

*Other products in the MGBF line: My Gay Best Friend talking doll and My Gay Best Friend Home Liposuction Kit


  1. I like waking up with somebody, but hate the actually sleeping bit. Even with years of practice, I just don't sleep as soundly. Plus, I move around a lot in the bed.

  2. I'm a total combat sleeper. I like my bed space.

    I also like being warm and cuddly, though, too. So. Hmm.

    Quit being shy! Pick up those boys and romp their brains out!

  3. Re number 1: Ask Robert what I just told him about _my_ Saturday night!

  4. to live in fear is to half live

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  6. I am right with you on #1 & #2. However lately intoxicated Persian is getting better about approaching people. Forget it sober, even, as with you, I am getting that thing gay men do with their eyes to let you know they are interested.

    Sleeping alone sucks. My cat just isn't cutting it these days.


  7. I was gonna say something to you (the persian) (hi!) about how it can't be that much different when a gay man eyes a man than when a straight man eyes a woman, and that men aren't really all that hard to figure out... but then I realized the gay mens is COMPLIMICATED, what with the cattiness and all, and then I realized I needed to STFU about it already, so, there you go. *giggle*

    {exits furtively}