Sunday, December 24, 2006



After a fun dinner with some of my brother's friends, we decided to go out for a few drinks. I realized that I had forgotten my ID at home.

I was denied entrance into not one ... but ... yes, TWO bars.

I may be fucking 36 years old, but -apparently- I still look UNDER 21!


So, we went home to drink.

I am very drunk.
Yet, am sleeping alone. sigh.
Where are all the fun gay people?



  1. I, too, am always asked for ID. Always. Also, when my company had a guest student week earlier this year, I was at a local highschool to arrange it, and some dude (teacher, principal?) asked me if I had a hall pass for being out of class!

    Happy, Merry, Boozy, Melrose Christmas to you.


  2. The only time I get asked for ID is when I'm wearing a ball cap.

  3. i always knew you were just a spring chicken. :) i haven't been carded since i began greying. funny that.

    and all the gay guys aren't at your brother's place, that's certain.