Friday, December 08, 2006

StickSteven. FINISHED!

I finished my StickSteven letter! Eventually, I will be scanning it and emailing it (and maybe posting it) for the WORLD to see. Once again, I believe it is a triumph of skill, artistic talent, and humor, bringing a little light and joy to the otherwise dull and boring world of annual Christmas Letters.

I, also, found my markers this morning! YAY! Now, I can properly address envelopes and write colorful, meaningful messages in all my cards ... which, if all goes according to my evil plans, should be finished TODAY! Hurrah!

After I finished my letter, last night, I watched Cache. I had to call Robert afterwards to get him to explain it to me, because WTF?!?!?! I needed resolution and there was no resolution. GAH. I say "3 Stars."

I started knitting another pair of knittens. I will probably give them away, but I'm making them to fit me just in case I don't. They will be purple ... well, a kind of purply gray with flecks of light blue and red.

TONIGHT, I am meeting a bunch of friends for a Holiday Happy Hour at Halo! YAY! TK, I hope you will be there, because I have *something* for you ... and I'm not sure if we'll be able to meet up again before the holidays.

OK. Back to addressing cards. FUN.



  1. Please post your StickSteven Christmas "don we now our gay apparel" letter!

    Have fun at your Holiday happy hour tonight.

  2. I LOVED the weird, unresolved, unsettling ending to Cache. I thought WTF when I saw it, but 24 hours later I thought it was brilliant.