Monday, December 18, 2006

The EPA Bows to Corporate Influence

Under the Toxic Substances Control Act, there is an every 4 year report [soon to become an every 5 year report] that chemical manufacturers must file if they manufacture (and/or import) over 25000 pounds of a chemical substance during the year preceding the report due date. Reports are due to EPA between August 25 and December 23.

Three years ago, EPA published an amendment to the rule which eased some requirements, but also required manufacturers of specific previously exempted chemicals (such as inorganic chemicals) to report and required additional reporting for manufacturers who produce more than 300000 pounds of a chemical substance.

Since that time, EPA has published numerous announcements. They have held countless workshops. They have created an online computer program to make reporting easier and more accessible.

We received a lot of calls asking if EPA would grant an extension. We referred those callers to our EPA technical contact. But, I really wanted to ask these people ... what have you been doing? How can you be a chemical manufacturer and be ignorant of the regulations concerning those chemicals? And how is a THREE MONTH reporting period a hardship?

5 days before the deadline, they have caved. The new deadline will be March 23, 2007. GAH!

If I were EPA, I would have no sympathy. Report by the December 23rd or be fined, bitches.

[and, please note, my correct use of the subjunctive mood. I *heart* the subjunctive mood.]


  1. Five days is too late, bitches. Pay the fine, bitches!

  2. the 23rd is an odd date. then again, it does give the people at the epa that x-mas week off. they shouldn't've caved. they made the regulations a few years ago, it's not like it was a surprise. putzes.

  3. How revolting. The EPA, though, has a long history of caving to corporate interests. Moreover, the Bush administration seems determined to make the EPA an "advisory" body rather than a regulatory agency.

    No wonder I drink.

  4. If I were your boss, I would give you a raise.