Monday, December 11, 2006

For Unto Us a Child is Born

I'm listening to my Messiah CD ... I think track ten on disc 1 (For unto us a child is born) is my favorite. I mean, who doesn't love "The Hallelujah Chorus" ... but, I remember playing this part in concert band. The alto sax played the viola part of the song and *fuck* it was difficult. 16th note city, babydoll. *whew*

The feeling of accomplishment after making it through that section without fucking up was amazing.

Anyway, my weekend was SuperFantastic. Yes, it was. Mm-hmm. [Ha. That reminds me of my Chinese students. They would always make the 'mm-hm' sound after verbally agreeing to something.]

Although, I have now solemnly sworn *not* to attend 3 holiday events in one weekend ever again. Friday's happy hour was fun. Tomoko, Robert, Darryl, and his friend visiting from NYC joined me at Halo for a couple of rounds of drinks. Later, Tomoko, Robert and I met Mike for dinner at Thai Tanic. Yum. After dinner, Tomoko and Robert went home and I headed over to Mike's to watch DVDs. On the way, we stopped at Safeway. I called Darryl, and, according to Mike, I was talking too loudly.

We got into a little argument about it. Basically, he said I was being loud on the phone and when he mentioned it, I got louder. [I don't remember him mentioning it. I also think I was talking in a normal voice and that the store was fairly quiet making it seem louder]. And that everyone was staring. I said he was embarassed because people could tell we were gay.

Of course, that made him launch into a long lecture about how that wasn't true.

So, instead of going to watch movies, I left him at his doorstep and went home. He called a few minutes later telling me to come back because it was cold out [How come he never did that when we were "dating?"]. I was already on the bus, but I wouldn't have come back anyway. I was in drunk and stubborn mode.

Saturday morning, I was tres hungover. I spent most of the day blobbing around the house. I called Mike and apologized ... not because I thought I was wrong, but for being argumentative and stubborn. Around 6, I started getting ready for my second holiday event - a party thrown by Michelle's friend. We got to the party around 9. It was a lot of fun - full of friendly (and unfortunately straight) former Peace Corps volunteers. Drunk do-gooders. Woot! The coolest bit was being able to re-connect with my friends, Michelle and Laura, who I haven't seen in AGES. I left the party around 12:30 or 1. I called Mike, who was at another Xmas Party with Tomoko and Robert, to see if they wanted to meet up somewhere.

Originally, they did, but 5 minutes later, Mike called back and said everyone was tired and wanted to go home. Fortunately, he called before I was on the train and committed to going to Dupont Circle. I got home around 2, I guess.

Sunday morning, I wasn't nearly as hungover (woo hoo for increasing alcohol tolerance!). I headed out around noon to go to Barbara's brunch. It was full of yet another interesting DC type - the schmoozy State Department employee. Drunk and fun, but for an entirely different reason: Asking them all sorts of fun questions, like as a liberal Democrat, what's it like working for an administration that is the ideological opposite to what you believe? And how do you justify supporting and promoting its policies?


Yeah. They loved me.

I did meet a really cute guy at the party. He pinged on the gaydar ... however, my gaydar is notoriously faulty ... and he mentioned an ex-girlfriend at one point ... oh, well. I'm going to scour the evite for his email address though (just in case). We talked for most of the time I was there.

I left the party around 3 or so, and hit the U and 14th shopping corridor. I had to buy a present for my brother's girlfriend, who I've met once. I have no idea what she likes, so I picked up a little makeup-like bag at Go Mama Go. It's made of recycled grocery bags.

On the way home, I stopped off at Whole Foods to buy ingredients for dinner. I ended up making a Chinese-inspired dish: pan-fried tofu with spinach and mushrooms in chili garlic sauce. Surprisingly yummy, considering I invented it on the fly. I may have the leftovers tonight for Meat-Free Monday [Do your part for the environment by enjoying a meat-free meal today!]. Although Mike and I talked about going over to his place tonight after work to watch the ANTM finale. If that happens, I'll probably have dinner over there.

*Happy Monday smooches*


  1. Sounds like a very nice weekend. I too was rather hungover on Saturday morning.

    I'm going to a sing-a-long Handels's Messiah concert this Friday. I love the Hallelujah Chorus. I can't sing, but that won't stop me. :)

  2. Dinner is the best meal of the evening!

  3. I called Mike and apologized ... not because I thought I was wrong, but for being argumentative and stubborn.

    It's always easier to apologize when we don't actually think we were wrong.

  4. cooper: you should audioblog, so we can all hear you singing.

    goblinbox: there are other evening meals?

    gayprof: Should I be insulted? ... but, yes, this apology was very easy :-)

  5. I love your "on the fly" culinary masterpieces. I try myself, but often end up with something gawd awful :(

    You have waay too much fun for one person! lol

    Thanks for the hug, I'm kinda feeling wonky today. Maybe it's this shift I'm working

  6. I still can't remember how many Cosmos I had at halo....

  7. the persian: I just don't blog about the gawd awful ones.

    tomokito: 57.

  8. "people could tell we were gay" - ha. ha. ha. in. so. many. ways.