Wednesday, December 13, 2006

His Yoke is Easy

Over easy, actually. Sunnyside up.
On toast.
With a side of soysage [It makes you GAY!]!

I am a bad supervisor.

The quarterly update of our contact list is due on the 15th and I haven't even distributed the assignments to the staff yet. I suppose I'll make up some crap to my boss explaining why it's late ... some crap that doesn't involve "I'm lazy and suck." In fact, the crap will probably be along the lines of, "Because of the holidays, we aren't able to get in contact with many people on the list to verify their information."

That seems plausible.

Maybe if I didn't hate the job so much I would be more motivated ... maybe.

My yoke is not easy.
Nor overeasy.
Nor sunnyside up.
Nor served with soysage [It makes you GAY!]!

Speaking of food ... what do I want for dinner tonight? I have no food at the house. I must stop by the Whole Foods on the way home anyway because this morning I ran out of every single toiletry I use and Safeway does not sell the brand of toothpaste I like [Toms of Maine Cinnamon Clove - spicy!].

My other plans for tonight are as follows:

Finish the knittens.
Wrap the presents.
Do the laundry.
Drink the booze.
Watch the DVDs.



  1. For dinner, I am guessing that you want some type of rice dish.

    I like to mix up my toothpaste selections.

  2. gayprof: you mix your toothpaste? that seems a little gross ... Aquafresh + Aim + Colgate = ???