Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two Tidbits

1. I am rapidly discovering that, not only can I not draw toilets, but I also can not draw my sofa.

2. Why am I so worried about John the Cheating Cheater being in Iraq? It's not like I'm consumed by it [as I probably would be if we were still together ... of course, if we were still together, I doubt he'd be in Iraq], but there's a little mosquito-like buzz of concern in the back of my brain. Very annoying.


  1. Just keep practicing! Come on, you can do it! I showed you how! :D

  2. Why do you keep trying to draw your furniture and fixtures? It's the digital age! Take a picture!

    As for the CCWCC, maybe just ask the Universe or your higher power of choice to take care of him, and leave it at that. It's not good for the skin to worry too much, especially this time of year what with the dry weather and all.

  3. Maybe instead of drawing these things you can just photo-shop in pictures of the actual items with your stick figure.

    As for Cheating Cheater (WCC), it's good that you don't wish him physical harm. I think that's bad karma. It also makes sense that you would have some residual concern for him.

    Probably you won't stop fully thinking about Cheating Cheater (WCC) until you meet somebody new that fully captures your imagination.

  4. you worry because you care and you care because you're a compassionate person who can love people even when they're assholes.

    i love the purple tinsel tree. :)

  5. What a silly question! Of course you are going to worry, you care for him still on some level. That's totally normal.

    I am not so sure (as GP mentions) that finding someone new will take this concern away, it just won't be as much on your mind.