Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back to the Grind

My Christmas Day was fairly uneventful.
I got up around 8, and hit the road around 8:45.
The drive was pretty miserable. I rained the whole way. And, it rained hard.
Fortunately, traffic wasn't too bad.
Once I got to within 30 miles of DC, traffic started to get really gross.
Fortunately, the HOV lanes were open to all traffic and hardly anyone was using them.
It was like I had my own private road.
I decided to take the HOV lanes all the way into DC instead of exiting onto the Beltway (which looked PACKED).
After a few wrong turns in the District, I headed up North Capitol and made it home before 2PM.
Not too shabby.
PsychoKitty Isabella seemed happy to see me. Lots of meowing and purring and rubbing and giving forth of the Vomit of Joy.

I unloaded the car, unpacked, made a snack, and set up my NEW 26" LCD TV.

Then, I spent the rest of the day/evening, drinking martinis, eating leftovers, and watching Season One of Melrose Fucking Place!

I also finished the front panel of the Neverending Sweater of Doom. I don't think I did the neckybit correctly, but it *looks* OK. I think. We'll see how it looks when I have to knit the collar.

I only have the two sleeves, the seaming, and the collar left to go. At this rate, I may actually finish before 2008!

Work is slow.

Tonight, I'm going to make a run to Target. Yay! I have to buy big bags of cat food and kitty litter. And ... I don't know ... lots of other stuff! The rental car needs to be returned tomorrow morning before work. Fun times.

Probably more later ...


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