Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh! Tannenbaum!

Several of you requested to see my purple Xmas tree. As promised, here's a picture. Enjoy!

It's purple. It's tinsel. It's about 4 feet tall.

Love me. Love my purple tinsel Xmas tree.

I didn't do much else yesterday. Margot came over to pick up a bicycle I gave her and to borrow my coffee-maker for a brunch she's hosting on Sunday. After that, I addressed Xmas cards and worked on my StickSteven letter. I think this year it's going to be a contest as well as a letter. *heh* Maybe.

Tonight, I'm going to attach the tassels onto my brother's scarf. Maybe I'll vacuum. Maybe not.

A few other ideas that are floating around in my brain right now:

1. Hosting a New Year's Day "linner" and making Japanese food ... not o'sechi ryori though. Probably something simple like miso and chirashi zushi.
2. Having a "Winter Blues" party in mid-to-late January.
3. Volunteering on Saturdays for some environmental organization ...

My back really hurts today. I need to start doing my back care yoga DVD...


And another thing ... I got an email from John this morning. He is now in Iraq. Let the pointless worrying begin.


  1. Pretty in purple!

    A Winter blues party is a very good idea.

    I'd say worrying about John in Iraq isn't pointless. I hope he'll be okay. *hugs*

  2. At the Super Walmart yesterday, I saw a Mardi Gras display tree. The tree itself was green, but it was done in peacock feather colors. I was mesmerized. I couldn't tell if I wanted it or was repulsed by it. I think I like that feeling.

    Your purple tree is cute!