Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Conversation while playing cards:

Vuboq: I guess that's how he and his friends relieved stress during graduate school.
Vuboq's Mom: How did you relieve stress?
Vuboq: Frequent masturbation.

*stunned. silence.*

Lessee ... This morning, we got up around 8ish. Had coffee and began to open presents. Everyone loved their knitted goods (naturally) and the Girlfriend liked the little makeup bag I got her. (Yay).

The hightlights of this year's haul:

1. Cute pottery crockpot with a glaze I *heart* [It's the same glaze as this coffee mug.]
2. 26" Sylvania Digital LCD TV *woot* ... although I have to pay for part of it ... but whatever. New TV! WOOT!
3. Season One of Melrose Place on DVD. Did you hear that? Season One! Melrose! Fucking! Place! WOO HOO!!!

Now you know what I'll be doing on Xmas Day after driving back to DC - watching MP on my new TeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeeeee!

Unless I decide to go have a round or two at Halo.

After opening presents and eating breakfast, the parents and I went to the store. I couldn't exchange my shirt, because they didn't have it in a medium. Gah. I may go to the mall tomorrow to see if they have it in that size. If not, maybe I can try to shrink it a bit in the dryer or something. I ended up buying 2 IZOD sweaters (one in red, one in blue) for $15 each (regular price: $55). BARGAIN!

Came back. Knitted. Chatted. Ate cheese and crackers. Ate dinner (the brother grilled out). Played cards.

The parents leave tomorrow. I don't know what the brother and I will do for two more days, but I'm sure it will involve lots of vodka. *woot!*


  1. oh dear...

    i think you should read this:

    there are better ways to alleviate stress!


  2. do you think the stunned silence was due to the unspoken part of that statement: frequent masturbation... while fantasizing about big hairy naked colt model men? i'm almost certain that is the case. i should have visited with you and facilitated the conversation in the appropriate direction. next time.

  3. oooh, i like that photo. especially how oscar is blurry but attentive in the far background.

  4. I would have LOVED ro have been there when you made the crack about masturbation to your mother!

    I may use that line in some shape, form or fashion with my own mother. Why? Because she deserves it!

  5. That pottery design is lovely. I have this weird thing that I can't drink out of pottery mugs, though. The glaze just feels funny against my lips, or something. I like bone china. I know... very strange. I should have remembered this when I was doing that weird things about me entry.

    It sounds like you really scored! An LCD TV.... Melrose Place Season One! Can I come over?

    *snowy xo*