Friday, December 29, 2006

Daruma. Daruma.

One of my Christmas presents from the parents this year was a daruma. I'm supposed to think of a wish (or a goal) and fill in one eye of the daruma. When that wish comes true (or that goal is accomplished), I fill in the other eye.

The only problem: I can't decide what to wish for (or what goal I want to attain).

What wish/goal do I have for the year that is *so* important that I need to invoke Japanese Buddhist rituals in order for it to happen?

Whirled Peas?
A new kitchen?
To finish the Never-Ending Sweater of DOOM?

I am at a loss. I've never been good at making important decisions.

Hm. I just realized that today will be my last day of blogging for 2006. What an interesting year it's been ...


1 comment:

  1. perhaps you should wish for fulfillment — then love, happiness and all those other things will have to be achieved to accomplish that goal. or maybe all it will take is a pound of pink cake.