Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Never-Ending Board Meeting

OMG. It went on for hours.
And that was my evening, punctuated only by mealtime and booze.

Today, I actually have work to do. I could delegate it to the staff, depending on my mood. Right now, I'd rather plow through it myself. We'll see if that changes in a few hours.

I am also planning on revamping my resume today to make it more NGO-friendly. We'll see how that goes.

Quoth DUN, "It needs metrics."

Now I have to convert all my English measurements to metric. *sheesh*
Does anyone know what year 1992 is in the metric system?*

I also have to write my performance evaluation (eek. Due tomorrow at noon). I may simply copy the one from last year. I mean, really, I'm still fabulous.

Today's after work plan includes cleaning the bedroom, laundry, and (hopefully) resume reworking session with DUN (and martinis!).

Sorry this is so disjointed and rambling. More later. *smooches*


  1. quoth Atom,
    "We want metrics!
    We want it now!
    We know we can win!
    I weigh 170 pounds
    That's 90 kilograms
    See metrics can even
    Make you thin!"

  2. Don't you mean "Bored" Meeting?

  3. Why would you even use something else that metrics in the first place???
    But I've notice that american people like to make their life difficult, I really wonder why...
    Any explanation?

  4. Metric system? My brain hurts just typing the mere words.

    I rock at Roman Numerals.