Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day Which Will Live in Infamy

Yes. It's the One Year Anniversary* of my first date with Y. We are going to that very same bar tonight to relive the good times ... All the exciting details tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Last night was laundry. I have clean sheets. Yayz. My parents bought me these super soft Ridiculously High Count Egyptian Cotton sheets. I love them. I also hate them. They come out of the dryer uber-wrinkly. Shouldn't sheets fresh out of the dryer look clean und crisp? Not like they've already been slept on for 3 weeks? So, when I put the wrinkly (yet clean!) sheets on my bed, it looks icky. My bed only looks super nice about once every 3 weeks when I put clean sheets on. And, now, it doesn't even look nice then. *le sigh*

And, srsly, who is going to iron sheets? Not me. Fer sure.

Later that very same night, Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor came downstairs and I taught her how to fold origami cranes. DUN joined a few minutes later for a resume review session. It was totally hot. She hates the new format of my resume (but liked the content). I must now tinker (and write a cover letter), because one of the jobs I'm applying for closes today. Yikes!

Speaking of resumes, it would seem my joke about metrics fell a bit flat. Apparently, not everyone realizes that metrics is not only a wacky system of weirdo measurement, but also a term used to describe performance numerically. For example, you can say "Over the past five years, I increased productivity." Or you can say, "I instituted a new database management system which increased productivity by 75%."

And, I have heard that HR people get all moist when they read numbers.
And we call those numbers metrics.
Unfortunately, most of my metrics only make sense to people in the call center biz.
And, since I want to get out of the call center biz, I don't have a lot of metrics to use. Because, really, who, besides someone in the call center biz, wants to read that under my tenure the abandon rate has dropped from 5% to 4%? Bah.

Meanwhile, I'm off to the Post Office in a bit to mail my mom's Mother's Day present (yes, I know I'm bad). The package also contains Dad's Get Well Soon present and -extrememly- belated birthday present. Then, because I have a $10 off coupon, I'm going to DSW to treat myself to a pair of shoes.

I guess that's it for now. Must work on resume and cover letter.
More later. *smooches*

*First Year Anniversary Presents: Traditional - Paper/ Modern - Clocks. You know what to do.


  1. Well, I loved your jab about metrics, especially when you asked what is 1992 in the metric system. I just didn't note it in the comments. Sorry.

    Congratulations to you and Y! It's been an interesting year.

    Good luck with the resume!

  2. Sorry for not understanding.
    Have fun tonight for your 1 year anniversary!

  3. My grandmother used to iron the sheets... and handkerchiefs... and jeans... Anything that went through the wash was ironed.

    Enjoy the evening!

  4. yeah, the abandon rate dropped, which means you increased effectiveness/efficiency/whatever by 20%.

  5. Oooooh. Sry! *hides face*

  6. honey...ironing your sheets is SO worth it...

    and i'm the laziest S.O.B. around...

  7. If it is helpful here are some cover letter examples that may be useful. But you are absolutely correct in the fact that HR people live for numbers. I should know, I am one.