Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Biddy tagged me for this Guilty Pleasures Meme.

One of the many great things about being a VUBOQ is that the unrepentant part allows for a fairly guilt-free life ... so here are some of my simple pleasures:

1. dirty martinis (with expensive gin)
2. ice cream
3. good cheese from Whole Foods
4. a visit to Leah, the Colornatrix.
5. laying in the grass looking at the sky
6. pottery
7. really nice chocolate
8. splurging on cute clothes I don't need
9. blobbing on the sofa
10. host spur-of-the-moment social gatherings

It would seem that the Straight Guy decided to do this one as well. What up with that? I thought Straight Guys didn't dig memes.


  1. 1. I find the term Colornatrix very funny because it makes me think of Natrix, the water snake. Biology nerd that I am.

    2. I think Hot Chicks dig memes. Therefore....

  2. I want to do # 5. I haven't done that in years. Now, I'm all "Lay in the grass? Ew. Itchy." But I may have to give it a shot this summer.

  3. love it!

    also? i never feel guilty about my pleasures either hehe