Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Facebook Question

Last night, sometime after the movie and before teh secks, I was surfing Facebook (Scramble! Scrabulous!), and -if you haven't noticed- Facebook sometimes suggests friends ... as in "You Might Know This Person. Friend Them Now, Kitten!"

We interrupt this post to say: OMG!!! Puntabulous AND Someone in a Tree friended me!!!! *squeeeeeeeee*


Anyway, Facebook "You might know this person"'ed me. I looked at the guy's picture and was all, "YUMMY. I hope I do."

A little research later, I discovered we went to High School together, but I didn't remember him. I dug out my high school yearbook (yes, I still have them) and looked up his picture. And, my picture, and

OMG. I was SO young! And, like, totes goofy. I was not the towering figure of VUBOQliness you see before you today, fer sure.

It turns out this "You might now this person" person was on the football and track teams. Tres sporty! Which is probably why I didn't know him.*

Which brings me to the ultimate reason for this post, the Facebook Question:

Do straight guys use shirtless pictures of themselves for their profiles on Facebook?

Because the guy's photo was screaming "GAYGAYGAY" (and also "YUM").

UPDATE: I've done a very bad thing and copied the photo. Here is is:

What do you think now? Or is it wrong to speculate on someone's sexuality based only on one photo and the knowledge that he used to run around in tight pants smacking other guys' asses?

*Please refer to The Breakfast Club if you don't understand why.


  1. OMG, you were Anthony Michael Hall? (Coincidentally, so was I, only not quite.)

  2. pacalaga: Grrl, people even said I looked like AMH. Compliment or Insult. You be the judge.

  3. The answer to The Facebook Question is:


  4. I think goblinbox is right. Unless he's shirtless and leaning against his car.

    I was like AMH but dweebier. The weird thing is, I got friended on Facebook by one of my HS classmates who was a jock type and probably never said boo to me in four years. And now he's a fat, sad-looking, Southern Baptist SC redneck. With his shirt on, thank FSM.

    I felt bad for him, so I friended him back. At least he ditched the permed mullet he had back in the day.

  5. Straight guys can definitely be shirtless on Facebook, I know 2 of them (straight and shirtless, one cute, one just ok)
    I'm gonna tell you a secret, straight girls like cute shirtless guys too... and straight guys like to show off their abs to girls. Like gay guys like to show off their abs to guys.

  6. dorothee and jay: Good point! But, I think I need proof to believe this. You should send me pictures ... of the cute, straight shirtless one.

  7. Even better: some ostensibly straight guys have photos of themselves butt naked on their profiles. I'm still not sure what's the deal with KP's sexuality, but I have no compunction about passing around a link to said public profile with butt pictures for everyone else to make up their own mind. Because I am so very giving and sharing and kind and generous and passive-aggressively vengeful.

  8. I just haven't gotten the facebook thing.

  9. ETA: VUBOQ, I should not encourage you to be so lookist, but daaaayum.

  10. I'm with gayprof, I've never facebooked. However, I'm afraid (for you) that guy is straight. xoxo, SG

  11. Sorry, but if he was gay I'd think he'd have better hair.

  12. I was Duckie but without the fashion sense.

    Straight. It looks like a mug shot.

  13. You can almost see his butt in the reflection in the background. That tips the scales to gay.

    I have no experience with Facebook, but on (shut up!), the straight guys tended to wear hats to cover the baldness and PhotoShop their girlfriends out of the picture. Badly. Others would pose with their dogs.

    Now I'm having a PTSD flashback of dating.

  14. He looks gay to me. But since I started hanging out with all these gay guys, my gaydar is a bit overactive. As for facebook profile photos, I'm not sure. I don't know if straight guys post shirtless pics. I don't really do facebook.

    Ask Kelly Stern. He might know.

  15. AMH was cute back in the day, before he grew up and his neck got all thick. And that guy's photo is pinging all over my gaydar.

  16. I find it terribly interesting to see what people are basing their assumptions on. All right, Team Gaydar, which team would you say this fellow is batting for if he posts this on a social networking/personals site? (NSFW because of teh butt...)