Friday, May 30, 2008

Splitting Hairs

Since no one seems to read blogs on Friday anyway, here is a brief photo essay of my Hair Adventure:

This is Leah the Colornatrix working her styling magic (this trip we cut before we colored).

The Colornatrix and I post cut. Don't we look cute? Isn't she fabulous?

This is the part where I suffer for beauty. Srsly. The chemicals burn my eyes and I cry.

After the salon, I met Mike for dinner at 4912 (Yummy Thai Food).
[I'm the one on your right].

And, there you have it.
Seems like Straight Guys get their hair cut, too.

I'm off work at 12:30 today and heading to New York City soon thereafter! Will post all about my exciting Big Apple Adventure [and stalking of Puntabulous] on Monday!



  1. Looking good. Even more younger looking now VUBOQ!!

  2. Very stylish indeed. You cut a dashing figure Mr. Vuboq.

  3. anne marie in philly12:45 PM

    one must suffer for one's art.

    have a great time in NYC!

  4. Très stylin' and much better. Have fun in the big city!

  5. So darn handsome.

  6. I so love the haircut! Short is best.