Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Update: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Good morning, kittens.

What a weekend! I'm exhausted (from doing abso-forkin'-lutely nothing).

Friday, I stayed home and chilled. I knitted. I watched DVDs. I goofed around online playing Scramble.

Saturday morning, I did some cleaning and gardening. Then, at 4:30, I went upstairs to Tomokito's Pre-Birthday Bash (her birthday, and Mike's, is on the 28th). It was a total blast-o-rama. You can see all the fun pix here. I left the party around 1AM. I was slightly intoxicated.

But, not hungover on Sunday morning (woo hoo!). Y and I got up, had a nice breakfast, and, then, we headed over to his place. A couple of his friends came over for a late lunch and hanging out in the park near his building. It was nice. They left around 4, I think.

I headed back home around 7. Normally, I would have stayed, but I was cat-sitting for DUN. Tomokito came down around 9:30, and we watched Enchanted. OMG. What a totes fun movie! Loved it. Of course, I've luved Amy Adams since Junebug, so I'm not surprised I luved her in this movie as well.

Monday, I did lots of blobbing around. Some time after noon, I called to see what Tomokito was doing. We decided to have a mini-picnic in the front yard. I created a cocktail just for the event.

Whenever I make coffee, I make a lot of coffee. Instead of pouring the leftover coffee down the drain, I freeze it into cubes. So in my freezer, I have a bag FULL of coffee ice cubes. For the new cocktail, I filled a glass with coffee ice cubes. Then, I poured 1 oz of creme de cacao and 3 oz of vodka over it. I suspect I could have added some cream as well (if I had had cream). It was quite a refreshing concoction. Try it at home sometime.

Around 8, I met Y at El Golfo for dinner. We came home. I made him watch Enchanted. Then, I went to bed.

It was hot. I didn't sleep well, a rather unpleasant ending to an otherwise fantastic weekend. Lots of booze. Lots of buttsecks (actually, possibly too much buttsecks). Lots of good times with good friends. I don't think it could get any better (unless, maybe, my apartment magically cleaned itself).

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Memorable?

More later. *smooches*

PS. Straight Guys dig politics!


  1. SuperFantastic Neighbor/Cuz was nice enough to invite me over this weekend.

    BTW, Did you know the Leopold's is closing shop in MFT? If you want that small-batch gin, you best make a trip here soon.

  2. vuboq's cousin12:36 PM

    People. It is already closed. Sat. was the last day. Even though we are broke, Collin picked up two bottles on Friday. But as I told the Cuz, they'll be distributing in NC. Our superfantastic brothers must now assume the mantle of responsibility for our gin supply.

  3. vuboq's cousin: I shall inform the brother posthaste of his new familial duty.

  4. ShallowGal needs a family tree please.

  5. amy: StickSteven's Family Tree just so happens to be exactly like VUBOQ's:

    Family Tree

  6. I had a do-nothing weekend too. It was delightful. It was so nice I've carried over into today.

  7. Oh my, I NEED one of those coffee ice cube drinks!! Delightful!

  8. Possibly too much secks happens.