Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nothing Happened Last Night

Y came over. We watched Edward Scissorhands again. I said that I thought the movie was a gay allegory. And, he was all, "but he likes that girl." And then I had to say, "you don't know what allegory means, do you?"

And, he was all, "No."
So I had to explain it. *bleah*

What do you think?

We drank almost an entire bottle of wine and went to bed. Well, I went to bed. Y stayed up reading or studying or something.

Before going to bed (and after watching the movie/explaining the Allegory of Edward Scissorhands), we discussed what we are going to do on May 15th - a day which will live in infamy, the anniversary of our first date.

We decided to go back to the Irish bar where we met. We're also thinking about taking a trip to NYC, either for Memorial Day Weekend or the next weekend. It really depends on if our friends' sofas are available those weekends or not.

In other news ... it's Laundry Day! Huzzah! I have to get quarters at some point today. Also, Tomokito burned a copy of Madonna's new album for me. Yay. Listening Party at my abode tonight or tomorrow (depending on when she brings me the CD). Hm. What else? I'm out of toothpaste and soy milk.

None of my co-workers have showed up for work yet. So, I'm leaving early. Bitches.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Wow -- A year already. Time went by fast.

  2. Yay, for one years!! That's awesome you guys are going back to where it all started. It all started for Carlos and I at Annie's. Then, we went to the circle and sat by the fountain, looking at the constellations.

    Hugs for you and Y!!! Tell him Hi for me :D

  3. Please give detailed explanation of why you think Edward Scissorhands is a gay allegory. I thought it was just a Beauty and The Beast story. But what do I know? : )

  4. I only saw Edward Scissorhands once, and I don't remember enough of it to recall the allegorical gayness. I would love to hear about it too. Especially if reenacted by Jesus and Muhammad.

  5. Oh YES!! Earl Cootie has a good idea. I want to see Edward Scissorhand reinacted by teh gay bears Jesus and Muhammad, with pointed indicators of the allegorical gayness of the story.

  6. You've used all my quarters already?! ;)