Thursday, May 29, 2008

As Gawd As Mah Witness

I will nevah go this long without a haircut again.
*bites carrot*
*crumples to ground*

If you don't feel good about your hair, it's likely you don't feel good about other things too. Right now, I am not feeling good about the hair - it's too long; it's too rooty; and something *must* be done.

Srsly, kittens, VUBOQ is a firm believer in Truvy's mantra, "There is no such thing as natural beauty." Normally, I get my haircut about every 5-6 weeks, with color done every other visit. I can't even remember the last time I had a haircut. I wonder if Leah the Colornatrix* will even remember me. After all, I've only been going to her for about 6 years.

My appointment today is at 5, but I'm leaving work at 2:30. I think I'll camp out at a coffee shop near the salon for awhile and work on some job applications. I may be meeting Mike afterwards for dinner, but that is yet to be determined.

Then, I will need to rush home to pack for New York City! YAYZ!

But, more about that tomorrow (or this afternoon, depending on how bored I get).


*Unfortunately, Mel, the -Natrix is not after the water snake, but, rather, because during one visit, she looked at me, and Dominatrix-like said, "You WILL be blond." And, thus, I became a blond.


  1. We should also all strive not to let our personal tragedy interfere with the ability to do good hair.

  2. I hate having my haircut, but I hate having long even more.

  3. It still makes me think of the snake.

    Back before my hair started going away, I had several stylists say, "Do you know how much women pay to have hair like this and you're just cutting it off?" I did bleach it platinum-y a couple of times just to see what I thought of it, and then there was the time I dyed it black to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween (it was really that long), but I just haven't done color otherwise. Now I'm kind of liking the salt that's showing up in the pepper (my theme for the day?).

  4. Can't wait to see the new doo :)