Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Margaritas: Baltimore Edition III

A tale told in Pictures:

Tomoko Takes a DrinkEric Takes a DrinkEnough Already!Eric Drinks A LotHappy WaitressTomoko Drinks More!Tomoko is STILL Drinking (Lush)Hiding behind the flowers

The rest of the pix are here.


  1. I received my "pay the MAN" prize on Saturday and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Used the mug right away, what a master potter (not to be confused with the m-bater-JK)The twist on the handle fit my hand perfectly and the little bag, I love it and it will be just the thing for my knitting bag. I think I'll be giving some of them for gifts! Is there anything from the Heartland (Central Illinois) that I can send you? We don't make good vodka and I'm not ready with the 'shine yet, homemade jam perhaps?

  2. irisgirl7:23 PM

    I'd enjoy seeing more pics of you and Y together--you look very cute!

  3. This makes me thirsty.

  4. margaritas should not not be served in plastic glasses. that is just wrong!