Thursday, May 29, 2008

At Last. I Have Found It.

For lunch today, I decided to buy a bag of chips from Whole Foods. I eventually settled on Kettle brand Krinkle Cut Chips Buffalo Bleu flavor: "BRAZEN spice mellowed by bleu cheese."

Hm. I like bleu cheese. I like BRAZEN spice [I also wonder why BRAZEN has to be in all caps, but I didn't make the Kettle brand Krinkle Cut Chips Packaging Rules].

So, here I am contemplating the all natural, transfatless potato chip:

Look at those flavor-filled nooks and crannies! Is your mouth watering?

Then, the taste:

*crunch* *chew* *crunch* *chew*

According to the bag, "the tangy chili spice hits you right up front with this bold chip. The hint of bleu cheese takes time to arrive, but when it does you'll know."

Oh, yes. I knew:

The worst tasting potato chip since VUBOQ ate Kettle brand Cheddar and Beer flavor [which should be marketed with the slogan "It tastes like sweaty feet! YUM"].
But, I can't stop eating them.

Someone, send help.


  1. Well, considering bleu cheese kind of smells like stinky feet, I think you may have a bit of a theme going. It's an odd fetish, to be sure, but to each their kink.

    I generally like Kettle brand, but I've stuck to their more conventional offerings. I recommend salt & vinegar or salt & pepper.

  2. Kettle's Salt & Pepper is the best chip in the world! Bar none.

    I got some weird popcorn at the drugstore on break at my last job. Parmesan and sun-dried tomato or something. Kinda good. Kinda wrong. But after a minute or so, the aftertaste settled in very pleasantly. So I'd eat more. Weird experience, but I won't repeat it.

  3. OMG, I just tried the WORST potato chip ever (so yours is second worst, sorry)

    These are the "NEW ! REVOLUTIONARY! Brothers-All-Natural potato crisps" 100% fat free, 35 calories a serving, and they taste it.

    I'm really a Pringles girl. xoxo, SG

  4. amy: I still think mine qualify as the worst, because who would think that a 100% fat-free, 35 calories/serving potato chip could actually be good?

    Anyone know how many calories are in regular potato chips?

    I *heart pringles.

  5. I was addicted to the Pringles with ridges. They made them for awhile and then *poof*, gone like the wind.


  6. Best. Photo. Essay. EVAR.