Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meat-Free Monday: Comfort Food Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

Unfortunately, there is no photo of my completed Meat-Free Monday meal. Here's a picture of the ingredients (and Chef's Little Helper) I borrowed from my 12 of 12 entry yesterday.

It was delicious. Many thanks to Mush for some last minute cooking advice via txtmsg.

Y came over around 8 for dinner and a movie ... and a martini. Mmm. I am loving the new martini: 3 parts Gordon's, 1 part vodka, and a half part of Lillet, shaken over ice and garnished with lemon peel. Yummy. Try it at home, whydoncha?

If all goes according to my evil plan, Y will still be home during my lunch break. I can sneak home for a little late morning nookie. Yay. Nookie.

I am using the nookie as motivation to at least update my resume for a non-profit job. Currently, I have a "government contractor" resume and a "federal employee" resume and a "chemical industry" resume. What I need is a "non-profit dogoodery" resume. It won't be that much different from all the others, actually ... just a slightly different focus, and, perhaps, highlighting my degree over my current experience. Or not ... I'm still deciding.

Then, after the nookie, I can come back to work energized to work on the cover letter. This plan falls apart if Y has to go to school. He wasn't sure if he needed to when we talked last night.

I guess that's it for now. More later. *smooches*

Updated to Note: WOO HOO! I've been STIMULATED!!!! HUZZAH!!!

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  1. I didn't get stimulated yet, it's unfortunate that you get it in order of the 2 last digits of your social... I'm probably the last person who will have it!
    Good luck for your resume, and thanks for yet another martini tip, will try tonight!