Monday, May 19, 2008

Play a Guessing Game with VUBOQ

I hath returned from my foraging trip to Whole Foods.

Here's my shopping list:

3 roma tomatoes
1 can sliced black olives
pine nuts
1 pint heavy cream
Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chips

Can you guess what the Meat-Free Monday meal will be?

P.S. At 4 PM, head over to If I Were a Straight Guy for an exciting announcement!


  1. JaneB3:40 PM

    pasta with a yummy sauce and chocolate mousse?

  2. Pasta salad and wonderful, decadent brownies with whipped cream. I'll be there shortly.

  3. Something with vodka!

  4. Ganache, but I hope in a separate course from the tomatoes, olives, feta and pine nuts. These other ingredients sound like good pizza toppings. But not the ganache. No ganache on a pizza. At least not on that kind of pizza.

    I was talking to someone else earlier about marshmallows on a pizza. Marshmallows and ganache on a pizza would be good, don'cha think? Leave off the tomato sauce, though.