Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My, What Big Teeth You Have

This is a picture from the cocktail graduation party on Sunday. Don't we look cute in our cocktail attire.

Things you should note:

(1) VUBOQ has the cheesiest grin EVER, esp. when he is slightly intoximacated. Can one be hungover and intoximacated at the same time? Because VUBOQ was.
(2) VUBOQ needs to decide if he should get a haircut or continue the 70s shaggy look. He is leaning towards getting a haircut (and color!).
(3) VUBOQ picked Y's outfit. Y questioned the choice of tie. One should not doubt VUBOQ.


  1. Weeeeell...

    Your outfit is impeccable, but regarding Y:
    First I'm not a fan of checked suits, and;
    Second, the red tie, at least before you embiggen the photo, seems to overpower the lighter colored suit. Although up close the effect is less severe.

    Just my gut reaction. My feeling is that a dark red tie only goes with solid dark suits.

  2. david: You should have seen what I had to work with ... *bleargh*

  3. Y needs to go to NYC with you. He could ...!.

    The whole jacket/tie combo is scaring me.

    Sorry :(


  4. anne marie in philly3:38 PM

    what a handsome (read: h-o-t) couple!

    I like the shaggy look AND the tie.

  5. I didn't even notice the suits with all your hair all over the place!

  6. I would get a haircut -- But I am unrelenting in my determination that all men should have short hair.

    I didn't notice Y's tie because I was too dazzled by his companion.

  7. Great, now I'm imagining the buttsecks. Grin.

  8. a cut and color makes a girl feel good. pamper yourself!