Friday, May 16, 2008

Gray Dreary, But Friday *w00t*

Good morning, kittens.
It would have been a lovely morning to stay in bed. Fortunately, I get to leave at 12:30 today, so I will be able to partake of many wonderful napping moments on my sofa. Huzzah.

The date last night was fun. I was a little late. I would have been on time, but Y postponed the date by about half an hour. I know, you'd think I'd be extra early. Instead, I dawdled. I was only a few minutes late anyway, but, for like the first time EVER, Y was on time. We had fun. Drinks. Food. Talk. Laughs. Got to watch a v. drunk man be cut off and then fall of his stool. (and no it wasn't either me or Y).

Unfortunately, Y's deadline took precedence over my need for nookie. *sigh* On the bright side, he got good results and accomplished a lot ... so the morning was kind of fun *wink*. He has a meeting with his advisors today, so he'll either be in a fantastic mood this afternoon or all forking depressed. Let's hope it goes well. VUBOQ needs a happy, nookie-filled weekend.

Speaking of weekends, did you know I live for them?

No big plans for today other than to catch up on my house-cleaning, movie-watching, and knitting.

Tomorrow, the house-cleaning will continue, accompanied by neighbor-helping and grocery shopping. In the evening, a bunch of the kittens are coming over for drinks, then dinner, then crazy clubbing at Town, the relatively newish dance club in DC. Fun times.

Sunday, I plan to spend some time recovering. Then, Y and I are driving to Baltimore to attend the graduation party of a friend of his. The dress for the party was "funky semi-formal" or something like that. I'm all like "um. what?" So, Y is supposed to call so we can figure out what in the heck we are supposed to wear.

Oh, and a few people (ok, one person) has asked about the Continuing Saga of The Birth of VUBOQ as Re-Enacted by Gay Bears (and a Virus or Two). Well, see, it's like this ... the weekend weather has been crummy lately, so I haven't wanted to take the Gay Bears out for any photography sessions. The next nice weekend day and I promise to put up the next installment ... Sorry for the delay, but you know how it is ...

Guess that's it. Have a wonderful Friday. *big smooches*


  1. Years ago, the first Mr. Cootie and I went to an event that encouraged "artistic formal wear". We went with eye-catching colors, wild patterns and odd accoutrements. The organizers were thrilled when we showed up, but it turned out we were about the only ones who didn't do the standard black and white.

    "Funky semi-formal" though? Not a clue on that one. (Also, my funk is sadly outdated, and not even retro chic.)

    We're expecting a warm, dry weekend here for once. Yay!!! Happy Friday!

  2. Can't wait for the bear and viruses story. I was waiting for it but didn't say anything (didn't want to push you, you know)
    Why don't you wear your new shoes for that funky thing? They fit the bill, no?

  3. Funky Semi-formal.....Suit and tie with your new shoes!!!

  4. Good luck to Bossy's boyfriend Y.

  5. anne marie in philly5:46 PM

    man, I wish I lived near you...y'all party down!

    have a good weekend; hoist a martini for me!

    PS - my word is "vevno"; sounds like a new drink!