Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alas, Poor Leopold's.

I knew it well, Blog Readers. A gin of excellent taste.

On the plus side, Leopold's is moving to Colorado and (eventually) will be distributed in North Carolina. On the minus side, I have one less reason to visit my SuperFantastic Cuzin in the Frozen Tundra. On the plus side, I will have (a) another reason to visit my brother and other SuperFantastic Cuzin and (b) one more coping mechanism when I'm at the ol' homestead.

I bought the bottle pictured a few years ago for my birthday. It is stored comfortably in my freezer and still has a few ounces left, maybe enough for 2 martinis. I've been saving the last remnants for either the start of my unemployment or the start of a new, exciting job opportunity (whichever comes first). However, I am wondering if I should drink it tonight ...

Oh, the quandry, the conundrum, the diabolical twists of fate.

Perhaps I will wait. *smooches*


  1. NC Cuzin2:26 PM

    NC Cuzin will hook u up with Leo whenever u need.

  2. cuzin2:52 PM

    Thank god. I am totally depressed today. Maybe it is the demise of Leo's that's doing it. I will see if there is any more info. on their distribution yet.

  3. Are they in NC yet? Because I'm headed that way this weekend.

  4. Why -- Why is this town/state so self-destructive?