Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Can Haz Hair Appt. [Now with Pix!]

I had a lovely dinner with SuperHotBloggerChick. You can read all the gory details here.

[Recently added info:] And since I'm most definitely not a straight guy (srsly), I can use this forum (HUZZAH) to completely queen out and be all, "OMG! We totally ordered the exact. same. thing." It *must* be Blogger Luv (Bluv?). I have a picture to prove it (but I think I'm going to post it over there just to make you go read my other blog).

[VUBOQ is such a meany!]

As soon as I got back from lunch (and blogged about it. Priorities, people!), I called the salon to make an appointment with Leah, the Colornatrix (love her!).

Thursday, 5/29, 5PM. Suh-WEET! I will be looking SuperFine for my Excellent Weekend in NYC. Yayz.

Then, I scrolled through my bloglines to catch up on all the wonderful bloggers who had posted during my lunch break (not enough of you! C'mon people! I need to be entertained!).

And, ACK!, BOSSY has linked to my other blog! I just blogged about touching a breast! In public!!! GAH! PANIC!

And, I haven't even installed a counter on that blog yet so I won't know how many lives I've ruined.

I'm so sorry.
But you can blame BOSSY.



  1. Bossy had to link to your other site because it's the most brilliant thing on the web. She had to, it was like A Rule.

  2. vuboq has since installed a counter on the other site and knows how many lives he's ruined: four.

  3. My life is indeed ruint.
    I'd comment more on his blog, but str8 dudez kinda freak me out.

  4. The only way you've ruined my life is I'm *so* in love with sr8man ! And I'm a happily married woman.

    But do you think he likes me? Can you ask him? Straight guys totally do that !

    xoxo, SG

  5. Amy, clearly, you have to whip out a boob to get Str8man.

  6. By the way, pal: do not even think of marrying another blogger unless it's Bossy.