Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Update: The Parent Trap

Happy Monday Tuesday Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday's holiday (Thanks for Discovering America, Columbus!) has thrown my body calendar completely off whack.

Lessee ... you can read about my triumphant AIDS Walk Adventure on Saturday morning here. Chelsea, the contest winner, emailed me this morning with her charity of choice, so I've sent $100 off to FINCA International in her honor. Microfinance rocks! Good choice, Chelsea!

Picking up the weekend thread from the end of the AIDS Walk, my parents arrived at my home Saturday afternoon. We didn't do much. They unpacked. We chatted. Then, we headed to downtown Silver Spring. I bought paint and supplies for the spare bedroom. We wandered into some shops, and, then, had dinner at Thai at Silver Spring. Yum.

Once home, Dad and I watched Galaxy Quest, while Mom cleaned ... for a little while. Suddenly, she comes out of the kitchen in tears.

"I thought we had trained you better," she said between sniffles. "Where did we go wrong as parents?" [pause] "Your stovetop is filthy."
I stared at her, "What?"

It was at this point that I realized that iff a dirty stove (and complete disregard that you could eat off the bathtub) was enough to send her into semi-hysterics, there would be no deeper discussions this weekend.

The next morning, the parents went to church. When they returned at 11:30, having determined that Marvin United Methodist would not meet my spiritual needs, we ate a quick lunch of Thai leftovers and, then, drove to Target. *woot* TARGET! 38 POUNDS OF KITTY LITTER! and some other stuff ...

Later that afternoon, we took the metro into the District to visit the National Gallery of Art, which is currently showing two amazing exhibitions, Edward Hopper and J.M.W. Turner. Then, we walked up to the (relatively) new National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum. You can see photos from that excursion here and here. We ate dinner at Zaytinya. YUM.

Monday morning, the parents got up at the Ass-crack of Dawn to begin prepping my spare room for painting. We painted from 9 to 11, had a lunch break, then put on a second coat from 1 to 3. Before and after photos will be posted either tonight or tomorrow. I am very pleased with the new color, a sort of pale orange-y peach. Now, all I have to do is buy a rug, a book case, and a futon mattress and my office/guest room will be finished! YAY! After painting, I went to pottery class [Scroll down to previous entry to see photo of the vase I made]. The parents did more cleaning, shopping, and cooking.

This morning, they left at 6AM (gah!) in order to miss the worst of the Metro Area's infamous rush hour. All in all, brief crying jag aside, it was a good visit. I could use another day off though.


  1. Tears over a stove? Sounds like a cover for something else.

    Glad you spare room turned out well.

  2. That was so much to do just for the weekend. But that's great that your parents seemed to enjoy their weekend regardless of the filthy thing :-)

  3. I hope she's not getting crazy in her old age. And I'm so sorry such-and-such church won't fulfill your spiritual needs, too. But YAY on the painting!

  4. Um, does your mom normally cry over things like a frickin' stove? Cuz that might be even weirder than my parents (which is definitely weird).