Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Finer Complexities of Cocktail Making

[Thanks for the great title, Rachael. Speaking of whom, I keep forgetting to pimp your blog. So Here goes:

Hey, Everybody! Some of you from the heady Days of Diary-X may remember Rachael as Citizen Erazed. She's back and better than ever with her own blog! Go! Read it! But be sure to come back here!


Now, a little cocktail making tutorial. I read an article about creating one's very own specialty cocktails. According to the article you need:

1. A base liquor
2. Some sort of liquer
3. A mixer

Take for example the Classic Cosmopolitan -
1. Vodka
2. Triple Sec or, for those of you with bigger wallets, Cointreau
3. Cranberry Juice.

Voila! Cocktail! And, that's really all you need.

So, for my BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party* last year, the specialty cocktail was
1. Apple Vodka
2. Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps
3. Apple-Cranberry Punch

Voila! Cocktail! Easy. Peasy.

Last night, I was experimenting with my Chili-Infused Vodka. First, I tried 3 oz. of vodka shaken over ice and topped with a splash of 365 Key Lime Soda.

The result: Too much vodka. It wasn't that the drink was overly boozy. It was too spicy for my sensitive pallete. After drinking a few sips and adding more soda, I figure that 2 oz. vodka with soda will be plenty. Possibly some fresh lime juice will also perk the drink up a bit.

As for the rest of my evening, almost immediately after work I went running for about 35 minutes (which I think equals a little under 3 miles?). Then, all decked out in my sweaty running clothes, I scoured my shower. It *SPARKLES* now, kittens. SPARK.LES! So clean. So pretty. Then, I ate dinner [spinach artichoke dip with nachos and a spicy veggie chicken patty sandwich]. Then, I knitted.

I lead the fun and exciting life. Take my plans for this evening:
1. Clean kitchen.
2. Do laundry.
3. Clean bedroom.
4. Knit.

My apartment is PARTY CENTRAL!

*Speaking of my Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party, it looks like the tentative date will be Friday, October 26th. Mark your calendars, kittens.


  1. There is something therapeutic about cleaning the bathroom.

  2. 10 am is the New Happy Hour.

  3. gayprof: You think? Maybe the next time you feel you need some therapy, you could come clean mine?

    bossy: Every Hour is the New Happy Hour in Vutopia!

  4. Haha, thanks for that... i'm not sure i can live up to the hype though!

  5. You spelled palate wrong. And by nachos do you mean tortilla chips?

  6. You should get a job out here. Just so I could come to your fun parties. I don't even think it would take a truckload of Xanax to convince me.