Thursday, October 04, 2007

Things are Gettin' Busy

Didn't do much last night other than tidy oop, chat with a few friends, and laundry.

Today, during my lunch break, I'm heading to the Whole Foods. I invited the friends who are walking with me on Saturday over for cocktails and light snacks on Friday evening. Plus, tonight, I want to make this Sweet Potato/Black Bean Stew (with modifications*). Then, during my afternoon break, I'm going to scurry into the District to pick up my AIDS Walk t-shirt (and, thus, avoid the lines on Saturday).

Speaking of the AIDS Walk (did you know I'm participating in it?), if you haven't contributed, and you want to, there's still time. Click here. So far, I've managed to raise $735, which is just friggin' awesome. Can I tell you how much my friends [you!] rock? Can I?

They [You!] AYERS ROCK!

Friday, the Stain Removal Guy is coming in the morning. Yay! Everyone cross your fingers that the wine stain will be successfully eliminated. After work, I will clean clean clean clean clean in preparation for the visit by the parental units.

They are arriving on Saturday afternoon and will leave on Tuesday morning. Ack. Stress. I'm still working on things we can do (besides paint my spare room a lovely shade of summer peach). I was thinking the Turner exhibit at the National Gallery of Art might be nice. Perhaps a few fun dinners out. I can teach them how to make pupusas. A couple of shopping excursions, so I can buy heavy things, like kitty litter and furniture.

And, now that I have new rechargeable batteries for the digicam, I will be able to document all the fun!


*The recipe calls for two cups of orange juice, which seems kinda gross. So, I'm substituting water and fresh lime juice.


  1. Lime juice makes everything better.

  2. You are the shit.

  3. Could you post your pupusa recipe sometime (no big rush)? I've always wanted to know how to make them. Thanks.