Thursday, October 11, 2007

Land of the Lost

Sometimes, on my walk to and from work, I see articles of clothing -a shoe, a scarf, a pair of underwear- lying on the street, sidewalk, or in the grass. I find myself wondering how it got there ... especially the large pair of men's tighty-whities in the school athletic field parking lot.

I always think I should take a photo, because who would believe me if I said I saw a complete scarf, hat, and glove set draped across some bushes?

Yesterday, I actually had my camera with me (and the batteries weren't dead!). Thus, I can present to you the first photo of a series in the making, Cast Away Clothes [Feel free to suggest a more clever title]:

***We interrupt this post for a very important Public Service Announcement: Please make sure you turn your stove off before you leave your house. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog post already in progess ...***

... and that's how I know it will never ever work.



  1. You've really got the thread of a good idea here! A World.Wide.Web. lost and photographed home for disenfranchised and abandoned clothing. It could be huge like Overheard in New York or that Secret Blog where people mail in their innermost secrets, that has now become a best seller book. Yes, you could become a blogstar with this concept... Okay, maybe I am getting carried away. Slightly.

  2. Do the trainers hanging over the power line near my house count? ;)

  3. I saw a hat on the side of the freeway today and thought of this.

    Of course, on reconsideration, a hat on the side of the freeway makes more sense than winter accessories on a bush.