Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update: Filling in the Blanks Edition

Nothing like coming into work in the morning and having three crank calls on your voicemail, the last one being "I want you to choke on my load."

Happy Monday ... which despite being a Monday and the start of the long, slow slog through the workweek, it is becoming my favorite day of the week because I have pottery class. I *heart* pottery class.

Anyway, my weekend ...

Friday, I went to happy hour at Nellie's, the gay sports bar on U and 9th with Mike, Tomoko and SCGB. Of course, Mike decided to drive and, because of traffic and then picking up Tomoko and more traffic and finding parking, we didn't get to the bar until after 7. A quick mathematics lesson: low blood sugar + low blood alcohol level = very cranky Vuboq.

But, the booze was good. The food was adequate. The company was great. The waiter was sucky. The tab was expensive. The waiter "neglected" to inform us that the vodka, which has been part of their happy hour since we started going to Nellie's, was no longer part of their happy hour. Now, as responsible customers, we should have asked about the happy hour specials instead of assuming they were the same. However, the waiter should also have mentioned the change as well, don't you think? It seemed like a shameless grab for a higher tip. Oh, well.

SCGB drove Tomoko and me home. We stopped off in my place for some after dinner chocolate and bourbon. Mmmm.

Saturday, I cleaned and rearranged my living room. And hung up some Halloween lights. Tomoko came down for drinks later in the evening. Y came over after that, so we could get up early for the trip to Skyline Drive.

Sunday, we got up at 7:30 and left to pick up Mike around 9:15. Y was moving slow. And, then, as I picked up my bag to head out the door, he was all "Oh. I guess I should get directions."

Like, GAH! What had he being doing all morning, while I made breakfast and packed a lunch for the three of us? And, then, he had the gall to say, "Well, if you had a printer, I would be done faster."

I refused to say, "If you had done this last night like you were supposed to [I asked several times if he had directions], we would have left on time."

Once that unpleasantness was over, the rest of the trip was fun. See previous post for photos.


  1. We don't like people who don't do what we ask of them.

  2. I'm shit at remembering to do things like directions. Sorry.