Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Spare Room: Mostly Done

This is the view from the door. See the futon? You can't see the new mattress as it is covered with a sheet. And, yes, those are teddy bears. Mine is the one on the right (in the cute green shorts). His name is Buzzy. The one on the left is my brother's. His name (the bear, not my brother) is Buddy. They be old and well-loved. Perhaps, I should throw them in the garbage.

spareroom 003
This is with my back to the new bookshelf. Under the window is the antique (?) sewing machine I still don't know how to use. Look! More stuffed animals! I don't buy these. Really. They were gifts.

spareroom 002
And here's the new bookshelf (my back is to the sewing machine). Notice that the Shelf of Tacky Things from Around the World is now the Shelves of Tacky Things from Around the World.


  1. Heather Outside Boston1:11 PM

    Hmmm... Pumpkin-smelling rug, pale pumpkin colored walls, and a pumpkin carving party. Are you sure your name's not Peter? ;-)

    Seriously, the rug is lovely, and I like the warm walls. And I had an Annual Pumpkin Carving Party for 5 years myself (until I moved to the styx), so you just go ahead and enjoy all of your squash-ish goodness. :-)

  2. The stuffed animals were unexpected, but quite endearing. Don't throw out your bear.

  3. I so want to fix up our spare room. What's your consulting fee?

    It all looks very, very nice!

  4. Are the pink and purple stuffed things those cuddly micro-organisms you can get!? One of them looks suspiciously like and Ebola... They're awesome!

    Haha, i'm sad.

  5. rachael: They are! Last year Mush gave me Mono and Syphillis! Isn't she the sweetest?

    brad: THANKS, but you may not want me to hire me if you could see the rest of my house.

  6. I think that machine is from the 70's. What is it? A Singer?

    Now that I have a job, I will save and save and then come visit you and teach you to sew. Yay! For drinks.

  7. "The Shelf of Tacky Things from Around the World is now the Shelves of Tacky Things from Around the World."

    Plural is always good.

  8. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Your spare bedroom is far more organized than my actual bedroom...

    Jealousy, I have.

  9. Are those pound puppies on the right? I used to LOVE mine! I wish I still had it. Keep Buzzy and Buddy.

  10. "Shelves of tacky things": what fun!

    Cooper, I had a pound puppy, too! Then I adpoted my brother's when he put it in the attic. I named him "Atticus" because of that (the puppy, not my brother). They were sooo snuggable!

  11. Where's the "enbiggable" picture of the tacky shit I sent you?!

    I'm so offended I'm left with no choice but to send you some more.

    Prepare your mail man to bring tacky shit. With "photo me" stickers plastered all over....