Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Wuz Gonna ...

... write this entry all in haiku,
but it was just too hard.

Does anyone know the difference between non-rhyming poetry and prose? Because, seriously, when Garrison Keillor reads his poetry selection every morning at 6:34AM on NPR, I think, "Hm. Sounds to me like a story. Not a poem."

Lessee ... my exciting evening consisted of:

An RCN Salesman who wouldn't shut up ... until the Superfantastic Cuzin called.
A long, fun call with the Superfantastic Cuzin.
Fun chats with some online friends.
Lots of bourbon and microwave popcorn (Dinner of Champions!).
And the initiation of something that I will probably regret.

My futon mattress should be delivered today. I have to call the delivery people to confirm the time this morning. Hopefully, the whole process will be quick and painless, but, somehow, I doubt it.

My new rug arrived yesterday. I *heart* it. It looks cute and smells like pumpkin-innards.
Once the mattress arrives, I'll take some photos of the nearly complete spare room! YAY!



  1. What is there to regret?

  2. gayprof: nothing. yet.

  3. I think the difference lies in punctuation, spacing, typesetting. Otherwise, they're the same. Especially when Garrison Keillor reads them since he adds lots of punctuation, spacing and typesetting to everything he says.

  4. How on earth do you get a rug to smell like pumpkin innards? (Short of carving a pumpkin on your rug, I mean.)

  5. Poetry is supposed to focus more on the experience of what's being written, rather than just rambling or relating facts. Word choice and evocative phrasing are more important than just getting the story out there. There should also be attention paid to the "flow"; if there isn't a discernible meter to the poem, then there should at least be a good fit and flow between the stanzas.

    “Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.” -- Paul Engle

    But no distracting me, what's this mysterious possibly regretful initiation??

  6. for those of you interested in the regretful initiation: I will give you a hint: It involves the Cheating Cheater. Now, you probably see the problem ...

  7. Maybe it would help to think of a prose-poetry continuum, with poetry generally being more concerned with cadence and rhythm, and the rhyming being at the very far end of the spectrum. I thought about trying to explain it in a haiku, but I'm too tired.