Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Clay Has Memory

Last night, I pulled a handle (like in the photo, just not as well).
I trimmed the bottom of my pitcher.
I attached the handle.
Then, I made ... another pitcher.

Seriously, I must have this totally one track mind. How many pitchers does one need? [Don't answer that, kittens.]

In the class, there is one girl who I find to be the most annoying person I have met recently. I'm guessing she's a Freshman, because she still has that put-on perky bubbliness that some insecure people use in order to be perceived as outgoing.

Last night, the cylinder she was making collapsed. She folded it in upon itself to make some sort of folded-in-blobby thing. "Will this explode in the kiln," she asked the instructor.
"No, it should be fine."
"Good. Because I kind of like it."
And that's when she passed by my wheel and I saw what she had made.
"Or at least my mother will," she added quickly when she saw the horrified look on my face.
I thought to myself, "Please don't force that thing on your mother. Have a little respect."

Later, as I was trying to make my pitcher look more like a pitcher and less like a wonky blobby thing. She stopped near my wheel.

"How is the kickwheel," she asked no one in particular.
"I like it," I said, since the woman on the other kickwheel didn't seem interested in responding.
"I don't think I could ever be good at the kickwheel."
I paused for a moment to catch the words that were about to slide off my tongue.
"It's all relative," I said.

After class, I spoke to Christal while I walked to Y's. As I explained to her, it's so much easier to walk 5 minutes to his house after class than to take the shuttle to the metro station, change at Fort Totten, ride to Silver Spring, and then either walk or take the bus home. Plus, there is always the chance (like last night!) of seeing his very cute roommate shirtless. *rowr*

The three of us had a nice chat in the kitchen over cheese and crackers and gins and tonic. Then, Y and I retired to his bedroom, where Y bitched and moaned about school and I listened patiently. I went to bed around 11.

I think I'm going to clean my bathroom tonight. And knit.


  1. Although I think it's great that you are enjoying your pottery class, I wonder if it's healthy spending so much time with Y and ogling his roommate. As someone who has been in this position before, I found it much more difficult to make a clean break. And what happens if the cute rommie starts giving you the eye? Awkward!! Oh, well, you're a big boy!

  2. Please post pics of the pretty pitcher!

  3. m-dub: I wonder the same thing ...

    cooper: Do you mean the roommate? Ha! Seriously, I keep meaning to take photos, but my camera batteries are no good. I will buy some new rechargeable batteries this week. So, next week I can snap a few pics.

  4. Those clay blobs look like they are condom molds.

  5. gayprof: Condom Molds for the Oddly Formed Man! I think you've hit upon an underappreciated niche market!