Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset

Even the sky this morning was celebrating our Canadian friend's Special Day. And, I'm sure he would have something deeply profound and poetic to say about it. All I could muster was, "Oooh. Pretty."

sunrise 004sunrise 005

I'm sure those of you who weren't fortunate enough to be walking to the metro station at 7AM this morning are now seething with jealousy.

Seethe away, kittens, because, normally, I, too, would have missed such splendor, but, yesterday, was my After Pottery Slumber Party with Y. So, I had to be up before dawn to get to work on time.

Last night, we cooked dinner - pasta and salad. I made a fairly decent sauce. Y threw together a salad, the making of which seemed a lot more complicated than it should have been. After dinner, I showered off the remaining bits of clay and went to bed. He joined me around 2. There was no sex. It's nice sleeping next to his warm body with his arm draped over me.

But, enough about that. How 'bout a picture of the pottery I made last night? I'm really quite pleased with both pots. Yay. Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of this ...


Swiftly flow the days, yo.


  1. I like the one on the right, but they are both pretty fancy.

    I am never jealous of anybody who is awake before dawn.

  2. Thanks for the credit information. When I tried to run the report, I found out that an account had already been set up with one of the credit reporting agencies ... an account that I do not recall creating. My last name was incorrectly hyphened (I have two last names with no hyphen) and I was unable to answer the security question. I called and put out an "initial fraud alert". Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Hopefully, it'll save me further grief.

  3. I'll bet you're the star student of your pottery class! I'm impressed.

    Lovely, lovely sunrise pictures! Thank you.

  4. Lovely sunrise and I am superduper impressed with the pots. You're a natural!