Monday, October 22, 2007

Eating Disordered

A few days ago, someone left a comment asking me to write about gay eating disorders.

Once, after being asked one God Damn Time Too Many why I am, and I quote, "such a skinny bitch," I replied, "I vomit after every meal."

Then, one of my friends, who overheard me, put me on Bathroom Watch. Which was kind of annoying. [Apparently, he didn't know that experienced bulimics can vomit silently.]

For the record, I am not bulimic. I don't binge. I don't purge.

Why am I such a skinny bitch?

I eat (mostly) healthy food in moderation. I (try to) limit junk food. I come from a long line of genetically skinny bitches. And I also exercise regularly.

It's really not a difficult concept to understand.

That explains the skinny bit. I'd rather not delve into the bitchiness aspect.

Read more about gay men and eating disorders here. And here.
If you suspect someone of being a friend of Mia or Ana, read this. Or this.


  1. And based on my experience with my bulimic stepdaughter, they know you're watching and will vomit anywhere BUT the bathroom (or at least, not in the toilet). Ask my why I don't use Clorox wipes in those handy sealed tubes anymore.

  2. I know about the skinny gene. I've got it too.

  3. You eat well, you're healthy, You exercise therefore you're not obese. It's not rocket science is it? What is wrong with some people?

  4. But still, your mouth put you into trouble.. who says that they vomit when they don't? Are you CRAZY?

  5. God, i hate this skinny bashing trend. I get it all the time, and i'm not even that skinny! If i walked up to someone and said "god, you're so fat, don't you ever stop eating!?" then i'd probably get my nose broken! But people think its perfectly acceptable to tell my how thin i am, and cross examine me about how much i eat... It makes me so mad!

    Incidentally, i have just found out my sister has an eating disorder, so thank you for the links.