Friday, October 19, 2007


I almost left my camera at home this morning, but at the last minute I shoved it into my bag.
I was running a little late, so I almost took the bus to work ... except there was no bus in sight. I decided to walk.

And, it's a good thing I did!

Because, as I was walking past the athletic field near my house, there, on the sidewalk, crumpled up, looking sad and alone, was a single, black, sock.

Photo will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, last night was Super Fantastic Fun! I strained the cranberries and apples out of the vodka. It's not overly flavorful, but I think it will add a nice *punch* to the punch. Then, I tried to make applesauce using those cranberries and apples (plus butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and some water).

Dismal. Failure.

It's in my fridge and I'm trying to decide what I can do to rescue it.

Then, I prepared the SuperSecret Suprise Infused Vodka! So Excited! I hope it turns out yummy.

Around 8, DUN came down for knitting and chatting and martinis. Tomokito stopped by later. SuperFUN, yo! I'm so lucky to have neighbors I like :-)

As for my weekend plans, tonight, we are having happy hour at Nellie's. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning the house and doing pre-BYOP Party prep. I have no specific plans for Sunday; however, one of my neighbors is giving a choral concert which we might attend.

Happy Friday, Kittens!

ps. I look SuperCute today! YAY!
pps. I was looking at my stats this morning, and some of y'all need to be going to bed earlier on a school night!


  1. SuperCute today? I say that's true everyday.

  2. I love surprises! And lone socks! I can't wait for both!

  3. Gee, is it Friday? Bossy's ecstatic days are all beginning to blend...

  4. You could always bake an applesauce cake with cream cheese icing. I have a recipe if you want it.

    Of course you look super cute.

  5. Okay, I sent you the applesauce cake recipe, but I just remembered that you don't have an oven. Maybe you can borrow one for an hour from one of your awesome neighbours.

  6. Ah, yes. The VUBO. He sees all and knows all.

  7. whiz the fruit in a blender and freeze it, then add a scoup of it to each glass of punch :)