Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'll Take Manhattan

I braved the continuing rain (which, I suppose, is good for the drought and the slugs eating my chrysanthemums, but bad for my leaking shoes and wet socks) to visit the likker store, which, as luck would have it, is right next door to my office.

It's practically the only thing I like about my job. Does proximity to a big likker store count as a perk?

I picked up a couple of bottles of wine for the party. Then, I remembered I was out of sweet vermouth. Then, I thought, "I have sweet vermouth, what if people at the party want to make Manhattans? I don't want them drinking my good bourbon!"

[Ha. I kid, People Who are Attending My Party. OK. I'm not kidding. Keep your clammy little hands off my good bourbon.]

So, I purchased a still good, but not quite as good, bourbon for them (and me!) ... if they (and I!) want to drink Manhattans. If they (and I!) don't, there will be other booze options.

I might have a Manhattan tonight though. Mmmm. Manhattan.

After I left the likker store, I remembered that I needed to buy beer to kill all the slugs eating my chrysanthemums. I didn't return, because I couldn't decide what brand of beer slugs would like best.

Any ideas? Slugweiser? Sluguel Adams? Heineslug? Kirin Ichiban Slugori?


  1. i think slugs don't like salt. how about sprinkling some?

  2. Salt + slug = an incredibly disgusting reaction... i wouldn't advise it!

    All of your posts today have made me actually laugh out loud. Thanks!

  3. Slugs get only cheap beer, if you can stand being seen buying it. I'm thinking Old Slugwaukee.

  4. how about Slugbst Blue Ribbon?