Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update: Candy Corn Morning

I put heavy whipping cream in my coffee this morning and am dining on random snacks I find still littered about the apartment. The candy corns and their honeyed-sweetness called my name most loudly. Perhaps the sugary richness of both the candy and the cream will give me the energy to get this day started ... at 10:15! OMG! I love not having to work!

No big plans for today. I need to finish cleaning from my weekend o' fun. I need to organize and pack for my trip to NYC tomorrow. And I need to finish my resume and cover letter for a job in a cold, cold city not so far, far away.

The rest of my weekend was quite fun and relaxing. I spent most of Saturday in bed (ah!), alone :-( ... At 1:20PM, I awoke with a start and realized my hair appointment was at 3:30. Much rushing around ensued. I managed to make it on time, and my hair has been restored to its rightful color. Yay. I feel like me again.

I forced myself to stay awake until 10PM Saturday night, and, then, I crashed. I didn't get up on Sunday until 8:15. I felt a gabillion times better. Sleep is good.

Around 11:30, Carolyn and I went over to the Pottery Studio for a Clay-Date. I made another, slightly bigger pitcher. *pauses for everyone to stop thinking dirty thoughts* I started to throw another pot, but my hands weren't cooperating and I eventually balled it up and threw the gloppy mess back into my bag of clay. It will be turned into another pot on another, better day.

We left the studio and drove by Y's to drop off his pumpkin and raincoat, which he had left at my apartment.

Back home, I worked on the aforementioned resume and cover letter. Ate. Blobbed. Around 7, Mike came by to dig through my trash to look for his retainers. I invited Tomoko down. Then, our neighbor, Kristi, came over to carve a pumpkin (I invited her over earlier today, because she hadn't carved anything yet, and I have all the proper tools). Heck. It was a party! So, I called SCGB and invited him down. The five of us drank and ate and chatted and watched movies. Good times, kittens. Good times.


  1. Oh, I love sequel parties.

  2. So, the sequel party- is that anything like aftershocks from an earthquake?

    I'm jealous. You get to throw pots. It has been a long time since I had a chance to get my hands dirty with clay.

  3. Looks like Isabella helped clean up!

  4. New York! Just like I pictured it!