Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Update: Drinky McDrinkerson Edition

Friday, after work, I met Tomoko and Mike for happy hour at Nellie's, the new gay sports bar on U and 9th. It was fun. $3 Snow Queen Vodka cocktails! The food was typical sports bar food, lots of battered and deep-fried goodies. The best food we had was something they are going to be discontinuing soon - Mac 'n' Cheese Fritters. OMG. Deep-fried balls of mac 'n' cheese served on a bed of curly fries. YUM!

Did you hear that sound? It was one of my arteries clogging.

The bar has a really cool roofdeck, so we went up there for a bit. And a few more drinks. Then, it was time to go.

Tomoko and I got to Silver Spring metro station and just missed a bus. We decided to wait for the next one at the bar at Austin Grill. Mmm. Margaritas. While there, we met this cute little boy [early 20s, under 5'5"]. We talked to him for a bit, but couldn't decided on his sexual preference. When we left, we gave him our contact information to see who he would contact first. So far, he hasn't contacted me.

When we got home, Tomoko came in for a little bit of bourbon. Then, before she completely crashed on my sofa, I volunteered to drive her home. Fortunately, it's not far and doesn't involve getting in a car ... or leaving the building. This best friend as upstairs neighbor thing is very cool.

Saturday. Very. Hung. Over.

Around noon, I finally decided to get out of the house, so I walked up to the Whole Foods to buy a few things. Then, I bought three storage containers at Strosnider's Hardware. Certainly was fun lugging those things home. I packed up the containers with books and papers and moved them into my storage locker in the basement. I did a little bit of cleaning. I hung MORE chili peppers up to dry. I started to make chili and rosemary infused olive oil, until I remembered that I had thrown all my spare jars into the recycling last week.

Then, I went for a run. After that, the hangover was gone. Yay.

Y called to say that he was meeting some friends in downtown Silver Spring. He asked if he could come by afterwards. He got there around 9ish? We just goofed around and played Yahtzee. The next morning, we had sex.

Yeah. I need to put a stop to that. I think. I'm very conflicted. The sex is very good. I'm not sure how good it is for me though. Y left around 9 to meet a friend for rollerblading. At 10:30ish, Tomoko and I went over to Mike's for brunch. He made blueberry pancakes, eggs, and veggie sausage. Yum.

While there, we had a brief discussion about my exercise habits and how it surprises people I'm running again. Especially since (a) I hate running and (b) ... hm ... there is no (b). I mentioned that, when I ran the marathon, I raised money for AIDS/Whitman-Walker Clinic. My parents told me they would contribute $500; however, they would donate it in $100 monthly increments ... because they didn't think I would finish the program. I was a little taken aback. Yet, several people, when I finished the marathon, expressed amazement that I had done it.

I thought maybe these people (and my parents) would know me better than that. I may hate running, yet, when I put my mind to doing something, I do it.

I decided to complete the marathon. I gave up alcohol for 6 months after my 35th birthday party. I decided to start running again. I think it's my innate stubbornness ... and that I hate to be proved wrong.

I spent the rest of Sunday blobbing on my sofa, knitting, and watching DVDs. I talked to the folks for a bit. They are coming to visit this weekend (Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning). I really need to do some more cleaning. Nothing major, because Mom will clean everything again anyway.

Today, after work, is pottery class! YAY! I will be finishing my pitcher - pulling the handle and trimming the base. Fun times.

Also, I will still be begging for money for the AIDS Walk this week (the Walk is on Saturday). I've surpassed my goal (Thanks to YOU!), but feel free to throw some pennies my way if you want. I'm really happy that this is going so well! AND, a couple of very special neighbors have agreed to walk with me on Saturday! YAY!

Have a Super Happy Monday! *smooches*


  1. The sex is very good. I'm not sure how good it is for me though.

    If you have to ask the question. . .

  2. ^^^ Uhuh.

    Ex sex is the worst.

    He either wants his freedom to shag whoever or he wants you... right now he seems to be getting both...

  3. I don't understand how it can be good. I mean, no, I get THAT, I just mean, how can you separate sex and emotion so thoroughly that you can be not having an emotional relationship and yet still be having good sex?

    It baffles me. Boys are interesting.

  4. You don't know if the sex is good for you? Um, if you aren't sure then it's not.