Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dumbledore is Gay

And so am I! OMG! Maybe I'm a WIZARD too!

OK. I have nothing else to say about that, so here are some photos from the Solar Decathlon from last weekend.

This house here is Cornell University's entry. AND, we all know who is the biggest Cornell Booster around. I took that photo just for you (OK, and you too).

I didn't go into any of the houses. I didn't have the patience to wait in the lines. Cornell's house was kinda blah on the outside, but not the most hideous one there.

And, here's the house from Montreal University (or University of Montreal or something). It looks very French, no?

Yeah, I don't think so either. My big concern was about the plants growing on the side. Like, what if it didn't rain? Would you have to water your house? I mean, really, I can't keep houseplants alive. I don't think people should have to keep a house alive too. Fortunately, DUN's SCGB told me last night that the houses are not only watered by rain, but also by gray water (the water you use to wash your hands, while singing "Happy Birthday to You," or kitchen water. Not toilet water. That shit is BROWN.)

Here is University of Maryland's 2nd Place house (Congrats, UMD!). According to SCGB, they were disappointed, because the Germans (scum!) spent like $1.3 million building their 1st Place house, and UMD only spent $400K.

If you look carefully, you can see the back of SCGB's head and his left ear. SuperCute, no? You can also see the left ear of SCGB's Not Quite as SuperCute Straight Brother (NQASCSB) How many DUN Brother's are there? *sheesh*

Finally, we have the University of Cincinnati's entry. Apparently, their design team became confused and, instead of a solar home, built a solar 1960s public library in some podunk town. Ack.

Okeydokeyhokeypokey, that's all I got. Gonna hop into the shower. *smooches*


  1. I went to that exhibition with my man. We enjoyed going into a couple of the houses. Yes, I thought the lines were too long. It was too great a success for the size of the exhibition. Got to chat with some of the students, New York Institute of Tech and Univ. of Cincinnati were very friendly. I went to my first solar energy fair in 1978 on Boston Common. The technology has come a long way but still has a ways to go.

  2. So was this competition entitled "Build a Solar House That Nobody Would Want to Live In?"

  3. Wow. If the walls are made of plants, what is the little thermostat thingie made of?