Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hot Nude Photos** Coming Soon

I took a walk to the Safeway this morning and bought:

1. Laundry detergent, and
2. Rechargeable batteries for my digicam!

Yay! Now, I should be able to take more than 1 photo before the thing shuts down with the Red Bar of Death: Low Battery.

I can't wait to snap pics of the AIDS Walk* on Saturday, my parents' visit, and ... my attempts at pottery-making!

I know you all are looking forward to seeing those.

In other news, yesterday, I almost got run-over by a gigantoid Mercedes with the vanity plate "GOT CRST?"

I have no idea why they were asking about my toothpaste, but whatever.

*Speaking of the AIDS Walk, it's not too late to sponsor me! Click here! I have been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. I'm still thinking about this, but one (or two) lucky sponsors may win a Very Special Prize!

**I'm kidding about the nude photos.


  1. Are you going to give nude photos to your sponsors?!?! Because that's hawt. ;-)

  2. holy fuck. Vuboq just deleted the longest fucking god-loving trying to save my soul spam comment ever!

    A copy has been sent to my gmail account, so I may turn it into a post later ...