Friday, March 16, 2007


OMG! Can you stand the friggin' excitement?! It's is *almost* my birthday! My day! The BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! When it's all about me ... wait ... isn't it always all about me? Hm ...

ANYWAY ... my birthday! presents! cake! booze! cards! *woot*
So. Excited.

And "how is Vuboq going to spend his birthday eve?" you ask.

Well, I'll tell you.

First, Vuboq is working. BUT, only until 12:30. Then, Vuboq is leaving. FOREVER. [ha. I wish.]
Second, Vuboq is metroing into DC to visit Leah, the most fantastic Colornatrix, so that he will look amazing for his birthday.
Third, Vuboq is returning to his home to CLEAN and PACK and ORGANIZE for his exciting BIRTHDAY TRIP TO DEEEEEEEEETROIT, MICHIGAN!!!
Fourth, Vuboq is metroing back into DC to meet some of his kittens for dinner at Jaleo followed by cake at Mike's house. YAY! Jaleo! Cake! JALEO! CAKE! JALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEO! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

Then, Vuboq is going home, even though his kittens may try to drag him out dancing, because Vuboq needs to be up at around 5AM (ugh) to catch the bus to transfer to another bus to transfer to the metro to get to the airport in time for his flight to DEEEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT, MICHIGAN!


So, this may be my last post until I get back. I'm not sure about the cuzin's internet connection. And I'm not taking Eugene, the laptop.

Oh, and yesterday, a friend with whom I was chatting said, "Isn't it ironic that you were born on one of the biggest drinking days of the year?"

I didn't think so.

*hugs and luv*


  1. You could swing a cat by the tail and it would smack all of the irony in this room, no doubt.

    Happy birthday, VUBOQ!

  2. I expect a post about the shenanigans in Detroiiiiit, MI.

    Have fun, and happy birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday, VUBOQ!

    Enjoy Detroit -- I hear things can get crazy there.

  4. it's your birthday! take a cab to the airport for crying out loud. you deserve to have the treat of not dragging your baggage on the public transportation system.

    silly boi.