Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Sleep. We Need the Sleep.

My final short story writing class was very good. There were cookies.


However, I missed my usual bus home. The next one was late. I didn't get home until after eleven, and didn't get to bed until midnight:30.

A very special note to the people who were waiting at the bus stop almost directly under my bedroom window:

It is possible that the reason you have whiny, cranky, crying children is because you are making them stand in the cold at a bus stop at midnight:45.

And, sometimes, oddly enough, people who have a bedroom window which overlooks the bus stop are trying to sleep at that time.

Not very successfully though.

Thus, VUBOQ is a tad cranky this morning. I'm sure it will only get worse as the day progresses. I am such a joy to be around. Really.

Love me. Love my crankiness.

Mid-Morning UPDATE: I've been asked to choose my favorite blog post. I've been scrolling through my archives all morning, and, what can I say?

THEY ARE ALL MY FAVORITE. I love me. I crack me up.

So, I am leaving it up to you, my minions. What is your favorite vuboq post?

Please help...


  1. now you rea discouraging me to be your neighbour....

  2. Who asked about your favorite?

  3. tomokito: I'm sure you can't hear that kind of noise from the upstairs unit! Won't you be my neighbor?

    gayprof: It's a secret ... for now.

    My elbows are really dry today. What up with that?

  4. what kind of noise? and who would be making it?

    who asked for your fave?

    perhaps your forearms are about to fall off.

    it's almost impossible to pick A fave. let's go with the brown underwear entry!!! everyone still talks about it.