Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Class Act

The snow is still falling, but it doesn't seem to be sticking to the roads and sidewalks. It makes me wonder if my class will be cancelled tonight or not.

So far, the website says the Writer's Center will be open.

Class doesn't start until 7:30. I finish work at 4:30 (or 5), so I usually go home first to eat dinner. Then, I leave around 6:15/30. If the snow continues, I will more than likely not feel like leaving the house. I would rather not miss a session, but venturing forth in the cold and snow is not my idea of a fun time ... I'm crossing my fingers that class will be cancelled.

On the bright side, if I don't go to class, I can do my laundry tonight. Which means I can participate in Dining Out for Life tomorrow.

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