Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pink Cake and Ghandi

At the happy hour last night, I mentioned to a few of my neighbors that I didn't sleep well that night because of the creepy "someone-is-in-my-room" dreams. Moving Soon Upstairs Neighbor said that he, too, had been having very vivid dreams recently. We wondered if it had something to do with the change of the seasons?

Psychedelic Pollen, Kittens!

Last night, I had, yet another, weirdly vivid dream. I meant to remember the whole thing; however, when I woke up this morning, I promptly forgot all of it, except for one scene:

Mahatma Ghandi stepping into a pink cake and continuing to walk, dragging pink cakey chunks on his sandaled feet, to the banks of the Ganges.

Anyone care to put forward an interpretation of that?


  1. I think it's auspicious that you dreamed of Ghandi and the Ganges.

    The pink cake is clearly about your birthday.

    Conclusion: you're lucky, but nuts.


  2. I think it means you're on the cusp of realizing something about how you fit into the wider world.

    Either way, you should totally incorporate that into a story somehow, it's frickin' awesome.

  3. pink cake is clearly a symbol of joy and happiness. and gandhi stepping on it must mean that one can have their cake and step on it or not have cake and not step on it. do you see now? are you hearing the one hand clapping?

  4. clearly you think that gandhi is gay and you want to wrestle him in cake icing in front of a large number of people.

  5. I would pay to see that.