Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet and Salty

Sooooooooo ... last night was Chocolate Decadence at the Ritz-Carlton. 3 hours of chocogoodness. OMG. I was so bloated. But the chocolate was (as chocolate is) so very very good. My favorite? Had to be either the yummily rich and smooth pie/fudge-like wedge that reminded me of the super-rich melty goodness of the only-sold-in-Winter Japanese candy: Melty Kiss. Chocorgasm. OR ... the odd, yet surprisingly delicious, chocolate cake, coated with bitter bitter dark chocolate and filled with a surprise - basil cream filling! Seriously. Shocking. Tantalizing. Oh, so good. Mmmmm ...

There were over 200 different chocolate items. I think I may have tried them all. *oog*

Today, I spent the morning and afternoon drinking coffee and knitting. I have seamed the shoulder of the Never-Ending Sweater of Doom and knitted about an inch of the neck. WOO HOO!

I left the house around 2:45 to meet pab at Eastern Market. I had to go to the yarn store to buy more yarn. I started a hat for a friend, but underestimated the amount I would need. Fortunately, the store had the color and dyelot that I needed. YAY. Then, I spent way too long watching pab write checks for his bills in the Starbucks on 8th and Penn. Then, I spent way too long at pab's apartment, napping on his bed while he got his tax shit together.

Then, we had sex. Oral. Of course. Salty, to follow the sweet.

I got dressed and we went to the Post Office so pab could mail his tax information to his accountant. After waiting in a very long line, we ate dinner at Capital City Brewery. Mmm. beer. pab paid. As he should have, after treating me to an afternoon of watching him do chores.

After dinner, he drove me back to Silver Spring, where I have been knitting and watching Akeelah and the Bee. gah. I totally love Spelling Bee movies.

That's all for now. I am going to try to finish that hat tonight. Wish me luck.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm...chocolate! Sigh!

  2. Melty kiss is gone for this winter already. :-) But there was a limited edition of Melty kiss (which is already limited) this year!!! It was melty alright though. Next winter, you should probably give me your mailing address :-)

    *salty*... heh.

  3. Salty, to follow the sweet. Heh.

    You don't sound deeply impressed by your day with pab. Like, he wants a bf and you want a decent date, damn it.