Friday, March 02, 2007

Like New York, Only Different

A few moments ago, I purchased my birthday (March! 17th!) trip tickets. And, what exciting locale do you think I have chosen to spend the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR?

Previous birthday trips have included:

London (a couple of times)
Puerto Rico

This year, the city where I will turn the most glorious age of all (37!) is ....

Drum roll, please ...

DETROIT! *woot!*

Actually, I'm visiting the most fantastic cousin and her equally fantastic husband in Ann Arbor. But, I'm flying to Detroit. And, hopefully, we will get to spend some time galavanting around that city as well. I *heart* the Gritty City, Detroit. Seriously. Love. It.

I'm flying out on the morning of the 17th (my birthday! woo hoo!) and returning on Tuesday the 20th in the evening. That way, I won't miss my Wednesday class. AND, since I'm taking that entire WEEK off, I can do homo ... er ... HOME stuff! YAY.

And, I will look fantastic, because I have a hair appointment on the 16th - cut and color and welcoming Spring with some seriously fabulicious platinum streaks.

Meanwhile, my weekend plans ...

Tonight, I'm going to Chocolate Decadence at the Ritz-Carlton. THREE HOURS of all you can eat CHOCOLATE BUFFET! Over 200 Items! AUGH! and only $35. SWEET!

Saturday, I am going to be SO sick.
Then, I am going to the yarn shop in Eastern Market and meeting pab for ... something?

Sunday, the kittens are taking Robert to brunch and then an all afternoon bar-hopping drinkfest! *woot*




  1. Detroit -- It says so much about the U.S.

  2. A kitten loves chocolate, but loves martinis more....much much more. Hope too see you after the feast...if you are not sick.

  3. oooh detroit! i passed thru that airport en route to san fran last week. they have the neatest fountain. i took photos that i may post but they don't capture the cool effects of the ropes of water shooting up and over each other.

    how was the chocolate buffet? did you reach choctopia? have a cocorgasm?

  4. Hm, guess I am not a 'kitten', since I was not invited. Perhaps just as well since I cannot bear one more '*woot*' or being referred to as a 'kitten'